What is the “Mission Statement”, “Charter” & “Goals” of WHTTP Patriots’?

Mission Statement

Our mission is to Assemble and Facilitate citizen participation; Educate them in the history of our “Founding Fathers” and the formation of the Constitution of the United States, historical events throughout our nation, current political issues, and political candidates for office; Disseminate that knowledge to the people; and to Motivate, Activate, and Empower individuals with a unified voice to demand Constitutional governance in our Republic.


The Williamsburg Historic Triangle Tea Party, is a non-partisan, non-denominational, conservative, grassroots community, established to advance and strengthen the Founding Principles of the Constitution of the United States, and that of: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We believe these are God-given rights guaranteed to every individual. We believe that government derives its power from the people and is established solely to protect these rights. We are guided by the core principles of Respect for All Human Life, Constitutional Adherence, Limited Government & Fiscal Responsibility, and Promotion of the Free Market System . We believe that local governments, communities and individuals are best suited to serve and represent the needs of the people. Most importantly, we believe that citizen participation in the political process is a fundamental necessity for good government.


• MOTIVATE individuals to defend liberty and our Constitution through their involvement in the political process.

• EMPOWER individuals to stand united against a national government that operates beyond its Constitutional authority.

• EDUCATE the public to the Constitution, our Founding principles and the political process.

• MOBILIZE individuals to assert a unified and influential voice in our Constitutional Republic.

• ESTABLISH proper checks and balances between the federal and state governments.

• ADVOCATE legislation in the Virginia General Assembly and the U.S. Congress that is consistent with our mission and charter.

• ENGAGE in peaceful public discourse through protests, rallies, petitions, open debate and personal interaction with our political representatives.

• SHARE our vision with people of all races, religions, age groups and civic and political affiliations and invite partnership and participation in the Tea Party movement.

Code of Conduct

In all actions, Williamsburg Historic Triangle Tea Party supporters are expected to uphold the core principles of the party and values established by our nation’s Founders in the U.S. Constitution. This includes actions taken by WHTTP supporters during public rallies, demonstrations, online or through social media, and through interpersonal interactions with other people, regardless of other’s political views or behavior.

The four core principles of the Williamsburg Historic Triangle Tea Party are:

• Constitutional Adherence

• Limited Government & Fiscal Responsibility

• Promotion of the Free Market System

• Respect for All Human Life

Accordingly, the following behavior is expected of each and every Williamsburg Historic Triangle Tea Party supporter:

• Engage in peaceful public discourse.

• Respect the rule of law and the processes for political and policy action established under the U.S. Constitution.

• Spirited debate is a core and essential element of our political system; however, under no circumstances is it acceptable for WHTTP members to subject others to slurs or insults based on race, creed, religion, etc.

• Under no circumstances is it acceptable for WHTTP supporters to engage in unlawful or violent behavior in the pursuit of the policy or political objectives.

• The Founders provided for us an enduring set of rules for pursuing and effecting change in our nation. The WHTTP respects the rule of law and the processes for political and policy action established by the Founders under the U.S. Constitution.


Any person who violates this Code of Conduct in the pursuit of political and policy objectives automatically disqualifies himself or herself with identification in the Williamsburg Historic Triangle Tea Party.

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