Suggested Reading:


  • 1776 (McCullough)
  • 7 Events That Made America America (Schweikart)
  • A Patriot’s History of US (Schweikart)
  • Abe Lincoln (Thomas)
  • America, Last Best Hope (Bennet)
  • American Genesis (Vaughn)
  • American Progressivism (Pestrito)
  • Arguing With Idiots (Beck)
  • Ben Franklin (Isaacson)
  • Brooke (Beck)
  • Common Sense (Paine)
  • Debates on Constitution 1 and 2 (Library of America)
  • Democracy in America (Tocqueville)
  • Douglas Autobiographies (Douglas)
  • Epicenter (Rosenberg)
  • Experiencing God (Blackabay)
  • Faith of Our Fathers (LaHave)
  • Federalist Papers (Hamiliton, Jay, Madison)
  • Forgotten Founding Father (Mansfield)
  • Founding Brothers (Ellis)
  • Franklin I&II (Library of America)
  • G. Washington’s Rules of Civility (Phillips)
  • Glenn Beck’s Common Sense (Beck)
  • Global Warning (LaHave)
  • Hamilton (Chernow)
  • His Excellency, George Washington (Ellis)
  • Holy Bible NKJV
  • Inventing A Nation (Vidal)
  • Iron Tears (Goodwin)
  • John Adams (McCullough)
  • Liberal Fascism (Goldberg)
  • Lies the Government Told You (Napolitano)
  • Original Intent:Courts,Consitution,Religion (Barton)
  • Paine Collective Writings (Library of America)
  • Road to Serfdom (Hayek)
  • Rules of Radicals (Alinsky)
  • Setting the Record Straight (Barton)
  • Slave Narratives (Library of America)
  • Team of Rivals (Goodwin)
  • The 5000 Year Leap (Skousen)
  • The American Republic, Primary Sources (Frohen)
  • The American Revolution (Library of America)
  • The Comming Insurrection (Invisible Commitee)
  • The Debates/Convention 1787 (Madison)
  • The Jefferson Bible (Jefferson)
  • The Real Benjamin Franklin (Allison)
  • The Real George Washington (Parry)
  • The Real Thomas Jefferson (Cook)
  • Thomas Jefferson (Morse)
  • Thomas Jefferson Writings (Konecky)
  • Washington’s War (Locke)
  • Washington’s Writings (Library of America)

Books & Authors:  Fundamental To Understanding Our Plight

  • Venona Secrets  from KGB Files and Intercepts  (Romerstein and Breindel)
  • Sword and Shield – Cold war Russian Files   (Christopher Andrew)
  • Naked Communist (Cleon Skousen)
  • The Late Great USA:  North American Union, Internal Files  (Jerome Corsi)
  • America for Sale (Jerome Corsi)
  • Outrage (Dick Morris)
  • Catastrophy (Dick Morris, Eileen McGann)
  • The Death of the West (Pat Buchanan)
  • Where the Right Went Wrong (Pat Buchanan)
  • Unholy Alliance, Islam and the Left (David Horowitz)
  • The Fearful Master, The U.N. Unmasked (G Edward Griffin)
  • The Creature from Jekyl Island , The Federal Reserve (G. Edward Griffin)
  • Tragedy and Hope:  The Council on Foreign Relations (Carroll Quigley)
  • Liberty and Tyranny,   Basis for Our Freedoms (Mark Levin)

E-Books- (free):

Economics in One Lesson by Hazlitt
Federalist Papers

Constitution Resources:

The Constitution at a Glance
What is an Article 5 Amendments Convention
Learn the Constitution: The 5,000 Year Leap:

HR Tea Party Bloggers

Virginia Bloggers

Recommended Sites:

Conservative Blogs and Sites:

The Road to Serfdom by Frederick A. Hayek

The 5000 Year Leap by W. Cleon Skousen


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