Physicians 4 Healthcare Compact


What is an interstate compact?

Can states really do a better job of regulating health care?

Does the Health Care Compact impose a particular health care system on the member states?

How is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) affected by the Health Care Compact?

Will the Health Care Compact increase bureaucracy?

What happens to the HHS rules that have already been, or will be, put in place?

Can Congress revoke a compact?

How does the compact relate to free markets (i.e. buying insurance across state lines)?

How do citizens affect the type of policy that replaces the current system?

Why would state legislators want to take on this extra risk and responsibility?

Why would Congress want to give up their power and ratify?

What happens to the money that is saved, if any?

How does money get saved?

What is the commission?

What happens when people move to different states that have different compact status?

Aren’t we just giving profligate state legislators the power to spend the money?

Why not just use repeal and replace? Why spend all the extra time getting it through state legislatures?

Won’t the resistance in Congress be the same for a compact as for repeal legislation?

How does the mobility of Medicare patients come into play?

How do we answer the question of what happens to Medicare, and why is the compact system better?

Can we have a list of general alternatives to list as options, without specifics, so that people can at least have a vision of options?

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