Conservative Movement to be Revived by Heritage

The surprising truth about the real American majority

Conservatives can all agree that the outcome of November’s election was disappointing.

But it wasn’t because conservative ideas failed. In fact, election results and exit polls suggest that a majority of Americans agree that government does too much.

This is exactly why conservatives can no longer entrust political parties to carry our message. We need a leader to take charge of our principled, conservative message so we can communicate directly with the American people.

The Heritage Foundation is prepared to lead

The Heritage Foundation’s president-elect, former Senator Jim DeMint, has outlined his vision for Heritage and the conservative movement. DeMint brings to Heritage a knack for communication and a flair for sharpening ideas.

With 14 years of experience in Congress, DeMint demonstrated his conservative credentials. He was a leader in the Senate. He stood up to the Washington status quo. He broke with his party leadership to promote principled up-and-coming conservatives. And he fought hard to stop bills like Obamacare and the 2009 stimulus.

The Heritage Foundation and DeMint have a bold plan to refine the conservative message and effectively communicate to all Americans that conservative ideas drive prosperity for everyone.

How Heritage is planning to revitalize the movement

This year, the conservative movement must get back on track. Here’s what Heritage is going to do—with your support:

  • Restore the true voice of the American people. To refine our message, we are going to ask Americans like you what’s most important to you, not what’s important to political consultants and pollsters. Heritage will be your voice in Washington.
  • Refine our principled, conservative message. We are going to communicate proven conservative principles in a tangible, practical way. We can no longer afford for the mainstream media to dictate and filter our message.
  • Relaunch the conservative movement on a national scale. We are going to coordinate this effort with hundreds of conservative groups in cities and towns across America. No true conservative success will be driven from Washington, D.C. Our movement must retain its focus on real America.

This is an audacious plan. We are bringing the conservative movement into the 21st century. We cannot afford to fight today’s battles with yesterday’s tactics and strategies. Conservatives have to talk to every American, not just as pollster-defined interest groups and age brackets.

Conservatives cannot afford to be timid

To launch this bold plan to revive the conservative movement, we have set a goal of $250,000. And we want to hit that goal on Tuesday, February 26, exactly five weeks before Jim DeMint takes over as The Heritage Foundation’s next president.

Liberals are not wasting time. They’re organizing a vast grassroots operation to entrench the Obama agenda. The new, archliberal group Organizing for Action even talks about a permanent campaign. They think conservatives are disorganized. And they’re right.

This is not a time for conservatives to hold back. Our movement’s future is at stake. We have to regroup ourselves and refine our principled message.

Will you lead the charge on February 26?

If we act now, we believe we can secure a bright future for America and for the conservative movement. The nation is poised for a conservative revival. To make this happen, the help of every conservative American is needed now more than ever.

Americans are ready for a conservative revival. Your support and leadership are critical to making this a reality. Please give on February 26. We’re counting on you.

From day one, Jim DeMint will lead Heritage to revitalize the conservative movement. No longer relying on Washington insiders, Jim and his team at Heritage will take their message of limited government, individual freedom, personal responsibility and free enterprise directly to the American public.

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