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Montana Ranchers Threatened by Federal Land Grabs
Federal land grabs have been threatening the agricultural industry in America for decades. Now with plans such as: the introduction of free roaming bison, creation of more National Monuments, the implementation of the Wildlands Project, and other excessive regulations, they are forcing more and more farmers and ranchers off their own land. This threatens not only their way of life and their children’s futures, but also the economic situation in their immediate area and across the country. This is an issue of private property, if they can take it from ranchers in Montana, they can take it from you. [Click here to view the video]

Drake’s Bay Oyster Farm Under Federal Fire
On November 29, 2012 Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar decided to let the lease run out on the small family run business Drake’s Bay Oyster Farm. Since 1934 Drake’s Bay Oyster Co. has been a staple of the rural community on Point Reyes National Seashore. Not only will the employees of the farm lose their jobs, they will also lose their homes which sit on the property and are part of their compensation. The farm is being closed because the interior department is designating the area around Drake’s Bay as a wilderness area. Defend Rural America and Dr. Corey Goodman are standing alongside Drake’s Bay Oyster Co. in their fight to renew the lease on their business and maintain their private property. [Click here to read the article]

Virginia’s Fauquier County’s Residents Fight Back
The story of one harassed farmer has lit a spark in this Northern Virginia County where County Supervisors, working hand in hand with environmental forces, are throwing a slew of new regulations at local farmers and rural businesses – especially wineries. If left to stand these victims will be put out of business and property rights diminished. But there are those in the county not willing to take this lying down. Activists have started their own online newspaper to counter the local established paper which will print nothing more than the county government/environmental party line. Now, Martha Boneta (the farmer who was singled out by the county to start all of this) has been forced to shut down her little organic farm store because the county has mysteriously decided not to renew her business license (while fining her $5,000 and perpetrating and IRS audit). Martha and other local activists are choosing to stand up against this locally-grown tyranny and they are making progress. State Delegate Scott Lingamfelter has introduced an amendment to the state’s Right to Farm Act, which would essentially make county governments and their officials liable for regulations that violate property rights and commerce. Interesting, the bill calls for fines against the county government and officials in the same amount they would charge a citizen for violation of their illegal regulations. Finally, the little guys will have a weapon to fire back at arrogant governments and their green buddies. [Click here to read the article]

Newspaper Publishes Gun Owners’ Names and Addresses
ABC News |   “Hundreds of residents in New York’s Westchester and Rockland counties were surprised to find their names and addresses listed on a map posted by The Journal News on Sunday. Users can click any dot on the map to see which of their neighbors has a permit for a gun.” The newspaper should follow up on how many of these houses are hit by burglars.  I would bet that would-be thieves will use this site to know exactly which houses to stay away from.   What an asinine thing for a paper to do; they are trying to tar gun owners as criminals.  This is our upside-down world where right is wrong, bad is good and the criminals are the ultra-wealthy global elites. [Click here to read the article]

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