National Multi Housing Council

  • The American Planning Association is producing a “Growing Smart Legislative Guidebook,” designed to provide States and local jurisdictions with model laws to consider when looking for growth policy alternatives. The Guidebook details statutes governing development approval processing; vesting rights; impact fees; urban growth boundaries; and authorization guidelines for halting a development project among other things.

  • In August 2001, NMHC/NAA and other real estate organizations submitted comments to APA expressing our concern that the Guidebook is unbalanced in favor of no-growth advocates. Because APA has failed to address our concerns in the final version of the Guidebook, NMHC/NAA signed on to the dissent by the built community, which will be released along with the Guidebook.

  • One of our primary concerns is that as written, the draft would essentially allow almost anyone to raise any objection at any time in the regulatory or judicial process and undo what should be an orderly, considered and democratic process. Among other things, we specifically note that the threshold contained in the draft for imposing development moratoria is too low. A moratorium is an extreme measure that should only be permitted under extreme conditions that threaten public health, safety and welfare.


Based in Washington, DC, NMHC is a national association representing the interests of the larger and most prominent apartment firms in the U.S. NMHC’s members are the principal officers of firms engaged in all aspects of the apartment industry, including ownership, development, management, and financing.  Nearly one-third of American households rent, and over 14 percent of households live in a rental apartment (buildings with five or more units).

With its joint legislative partner, the National Apartment Association, NMHC serves as the apartment industry’s primary advocate on legislative and regulatory matters.  The Council also conducts apartment-related research, produces strategic information on business-related issues, and promotes the desirability of apartment living.

What We Do

  • Advocacy
    Working closely with Congress, the Executive Branch, and state and local government officials, NMHC actively helps shape legislation and regulations that affect the industry. The Council concentrates on public policies that are of strategic importance to participants in multifamily housing, including housing and finance, tax, technology, property management, environmental and building codes.
  • Strategic Information
    NMHC is acknowledged as the preeminent source of apartment-related information.   NMHC’s research initiatives assist members in making critical business decisions, improve the industry’s policy and regulatory environment, and provide consumers with full information on their housing choices.

NMHC has also published a wide variety of monographs addressing topics such as smart growth, fair housing, human resources and rent control.

  • Public Affairs
    As the premier organization representing multifamily housing, NMHC proactively seeks opportunities to promote the industry’s continued growth and positive public image. NMHC’s public relations program emphasizes the desirability of apartment living and seeks to counteract the notion that homeownership is universally preferred.

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