“The Property Rights Council

America Don\’t Forget

What Is A “Property Rights Council”

Commissioner Cornel Rasor of Bonner County, Idaho worked for many years to develop the concept of the Property Rights Council.  He has realized for many years that Americans property rights were under attack.  Many of us are aware that using the premise of protecting the environment we are losing our freedoms at a lightning pace.  The end game is to implement The United Nations Agenda 21 Sustainable Development.  Comm. Rasor created the template for a group of constituents to form a council under the authority of the County Commission.  This group will research requests sent by the public, Commission or PRC members when regulation appears to be overreaching.  They will attempt to determine if the request is valid or not.  If valid they will research (using legal counsel) to find free market solutions instead of regulation.  Bottom line the purpose of this group is to protect our property rights from unjust regulation and restrictions.

Information about Property Rights Council

Please use the LINKS and DOCUMENTS Tab on the main menu to find information about PRC (use the categories drop down and click on Property Rights Council).  You can also contact me personally by sending an email to:   karenbracken5@gmail.com.   We have a weekly conference call with members of my national Agenda 21 coalition that are attempting to set up a PRC in their community.

Here is a link to the Bonner County Property Rights Council website:  Bonner County PRC

Property Rights Council Mission Statement

The mission of a county Property Rights Council (“Council”) is to review county government activities and inter-governmental activities to determine whether the activities may cause adverse impact to private property rights. In furtherance of this mission, the Council is charged with supplying property rights impact opinion statements to participating county officials in order to help ensure that officials are sufficiently informed of potential harmful private property rights impacts which may accompany their activities. County based property rights impact review is essential because Federal and State government regulatory frameworks often provide minimal private property rights protection and thereby enable local governments to subordinate private property rights to other goals. Councilors shall review county activities through the systematic examination of private property protection theories, research, and the underlying legal framework of local government.

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