J4C- JCC Citizens Coalition



The James City County Citizens’ Coalition (J4C) is a non-profit, non-partisan community liaison and action group formed in 2006 to coordinate the activities of existing groups working to protect and preserve our environmental resources and quality of life.

The Coalition:

• Receives, defines and addresses issues of common concern, such as traffic, development, water, infrastructure, and/or emergency services;
• Develops and presents positions on these issues to the County boards and commissions;
• Provides input to and participates in the development of the Comprehensive Plan , and other County studies, policies and procedures;
• Conducts Community Education Forums to bring current issues before James City County residents; and
• Promotes the importance of understanding the cumulative impact of residential and commercial growth.


  • To coordinate member groups’ activities and interests in protecting the county’s valuable resources and promoting an enhanced quality of life for its residents.
  • To encourage citizens to live in harmony with nature to ensure a satisfying future for all.


  • J4C is recognized as an effective communicator, educator and liaison for the citizens of the County.
  • J4C is dedicated to protecting and preserving the environment and quality of life and thereby the health of our community.
  • J4C focuses on development, and related issues such as traffic, water resources, and infrastructure to secure their adequacy for future generations.

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