Moab Tailings Project

UMTRA Status

Moab Tailings Project

The U.S. Department of Energy has completed about one-third of a project to move 16 million tons of uranium tailings from the banks of the Colorado River, near the city of Moab, to a permanent disposal site 30 miles north, near Crescent Junction. This project is called the Moab Uranium Mill Tailings Remedial Action (UMTRA) Project.

The Moab Tailings Project Site is located approximately 3 miles northwest of Moab in Grand County, Utah, and includes the former Atlas Minerals Corporation (Atlas) uranium-ore processing facility. The site is situated on the west   bank of the Colorado River at the confluence with Moab Wash. The site encompasses 480 acres, of which approximately 130 acres is covered by a uranium mill tailings pile.

DOE restricts access to the radiological control area of the site where the mill tailings and the highest concentrations of soil contamination exist. Security staff are on site 7 days per week, while maintenance activities, erosion control measures, tailings excavation and conditioning, ground water remediation activities, and health and safety oversight are conducted 4-5 days per week.

The Moab Project ships one trainload of tailings each day Monday through Thursday. The trains have up to 36 railcars, each holding four lidded containers, for a total of about 5,000 tons of tailings per shipment. Tailing shipments began in April, 2009, and are expected to continue through about 2025, depending on annually appropriated funds.

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