The defense on “Keeping the Ban” on Uranium Mining

Keep the Ban on Uranium Mining

UPDATE: Uranium bills SB1353 & SB919 were defeated in the Senate today.

New Resource: Areas at risk that support keeping the ban map


Did you know? Virginia has a 30-year ban on uranium mining. The uranium industry is making a well-financed push to repeal the ban so they can mine and process uranium, starting in Southside Virginia. Drinking water, human health, farmland, property values, wildlife and tourism across Virginia are at risk.

The Keep the Ban Coalition is a group of local and state organizations working to maintain the existing ban on uranium mining in Virginia. Scores of public interest groups and localities (see the list here) and more than 17,000 citizens have stated their support to the General Assembly for keeping the ban on uranium mining in Virginia.

Take Action!

Hear from farmer Byron Motley and others in Southside about their concerns.

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