Bush Tax Rates: Democrats were against it before they were for it


One of the more hysterical components of the fiscal cliff saga is watching the Democrats falling all over themselves to champion the importance of preserving the existing tax rates – the George W. Bush Tax Rates – for nearly every American taxpayer.  The President last offer to Speaker Boehner would preserve the Bush Tax Rates for at least 99.5% of all taxpayers according to IRS data (all but individuals above $400,000 annual income).

To be clear, there’s nothing funny about the fiscal mess that our nation is in.  It’s real.  It’s serious.  And, if Washington fails to get its act together for the long-term, it will eventually prove fatal.

But, it is impossible not see the humor in watching Barack Obama and the Democrats now embracing the very policies they spent the last decade demonizing as the reason for deficits, unemployment, the downturn of the economy, male-pattern baldness, PMS, and the Cubs not winning the World Series.   Regardless of the problem, it was always George Bush’s fault.

Referring to the Bush Tax Cuts and economic policies during the Bush years, on October 16, 2012 during the second Presidential debate, Obama said, “That’s what took us from surplus to deficits.”

Less than a year ago, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said, “the Republican failed economic policies of President George Bush took us to a financial meltdown, took us into near depression, took us into deep deficits that we still have to deal with!”

But, now the Democrats are signing a very different tune; preserving that which they spent the last decade damning has suddenly become the President’s and Democrat leadership’s raison d’être.

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