War on Words: Liberal vs. Conservative


Liberal Dictionary: Website



Tax cut Tax increase
No tax increase Big tax increase
Tax increase Look out!
Taxes are last resort Tax increase will be first item on the agenda
Read my lips Tax increase
Spending cut Spending increase
Deficit reduction Tax increase
Balanced budget Tax and spend increase
Tax the rich Tax anyone with a job
Deserving poor People who vote for liberals
Undeserving poor People who work
Monopoly Corporation with market cap over $500 million
Profit Gross revenue
Corporate welfare Gross revenue minus taxes
Corporate subsidy See ‘corporate welfare’
Welfare for the rich What people have left after taxes
Greed Profit motive
Profiteering Not losing money
Managed competition Government takeover
Socially responsible investments Invest in money-losing ventures that liberals failed to get
Taxpayer funding for Social responsibility Force someone else to pay for it
Compassion Generosity with other peoples’ money
Open-minded Agrees with liberal agenda
Closed-minded Does not agree with liberal agenda
Right wing extremist See ‘closed-minded’
Diversity Lock step conformity with liberal agenda
Gridlock System of checks and balances deliberately designed into the Constitution
Compromise Agree with liberal agenda
Overheated economy Prosperity
Trust fund Ponzi investment scam
Special interest groups Non-liberal groups
Exploit Employ
Victim Someone who doesn’t work because of sloth
Fully fund Blank check

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