Obamacare Will Lead to More Women Dying of Breast Cancer

A Conservative Teacher

President Obama and radical Democrats talk about the so-called ‘GOP War on Women’ because Republicans want to protect women’s lives, liberty, and property, and in the new bizarro world this is a bad thing. But in the real world, what is bad is the fact that the legislation that President Obama jammed through Congress with Democrat support contains regulations and rules that will lead to many more women dying of breast cancer.

The new rules that are part of the Affordable Health Care act order doctors to recommend a screening mammogram for women over 50 every other year until 74, then never again. This is a drastic reduction from current American Cancer Society guidelines, which suggests doctors recommend a screening every year after the age of 40 until the woman no longer wants to have a mammogram. Screening mammography has been proven to decrease the number of women who die by breast cancer by 30-40%, and some forms of breast cancer can progress very rapidly, meaning that this cost-saving effort by Obama will likely lead to many more women dying than before.

Increased numbers of women dying from breast cancer is a real problem- these are mothers and daughters and spouses, and the fact that it is government policy- government policy pushed for by President Obama who is on the ballot in November- that will lead to these increased deaths makes it all the more tragic.

The good news is that as our government becomes more oppressive and evil and wrong due to legislation pushed for by Barack Obama and Debbie Stabenow, there are doctors willing to ignore these rules and suffer the consequences. Via Doug Ross, I read about Dr. Jill Vecchio, who has stated that she is going to continue to follow the American Cancer Society guidelines, even if that leads to government bureaucrats fining her and eventually taking away her medical license. She would rather do the right thing- disobey the signature policy achievement of President Obama- than follow it because it is wrong and immoral.

Dr. Vecchio even believes that she may be put in jail by government thugs for recommending to women over the age of 74 that they still get a screening mammogram- but she refuses to just let patients that she treats die so that President Obama and the Democrats can pretend that they have saved our ‘healthcare system’ some money.

There is a real ‘War on Women’ going on- although in reality it is a larger war on life, liberty, and property ownership, being conducted by the same sorts of people who have ever been the enemies of free peoples. Romney and the Republicans may not be the good guy in this script- but clearly by pushing legislation such as Obamacare and other legislation, President Obama and any Democrats who support him have emerged as the enemies of life, liberty, and property protection and must be defeated at the polls in November.

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